Meraki is an app created to encourage creatives to explore their work on a whole by putting themselves fully into it. Through sharing current projects, works in progress and posts for behind the scenes, research and tips it allows for a new way of connectivity that’s all in the one place. 

Aimed at young creatives that are constantly using several social media platforms to promote themselves, Meraki aims to be a centre point for them to share all that they want to. 

The App

The app was created for users to be able to easily check and update while on the go. Throughout the app, users can share what their up to- whether as a post or as a project. They can also connect with other users by either chatting with them, loving, commenting and saving their posts/projects and explore opportunities to collaborate with them too. 

Prototyped in Adobe's new software: Expierence Design, it shows how some of the interaction within the app can work. Check that out here: 


DO IT WITH _____.

Promotional material was created in advertising the app. The theme of the campaign was focused around the definition of the name "Meraki" and encourages people to fill in the blanks with either how they do things creatively, what tools they use or something else all together. 



Branding of the app was created by hand. Each letter is hand-drawn with it's unique characteristics and varying line weights. Meraki is a word that derives from Greek and means to do something in a certain way such as, love, passion or admiration.