In the creation of the promotional material for the exhibition, the theme of fairytales was brought into the design. Using generic woodland scenery and illustrative elements that many fairytale stories are set in as the forefront of the designs continues the overall theme of the exhibition. 

Within this, the promotional material was also photographed and created from the paper copy of the laser cut design mounted onto coloured card so that it would give an authentic look of the design having depth. 

The Website

One of the main outcomes for the project was a website that would show what was going on throughout the exhibition, who would have work on display and how they could find the exhibition. The design was kept minimal so that the images used throughout would be the main focus. 

Livres Animes Exhibition

Livres Animes is a paper engineering exhibition displaying the work from a variety of artists and designers who work in paper cutting, sculpting and much more!

The concept for the exhibition was focused around the mystical world of fairytales and mythical stories. 


In order to promote the exhibition further, guerrilla marketing techniques were also developed to input into the designs as well. These designs for these did not follow the theme throughout the other promotional material created but played on the simple origami and paper crafting styles that are commonly used by young children. 

Purchasable items

Alongside the website and promotional material created for the event, purchasable items were created that the general public would be able to buy. In these a collection of laser cut greeting cards and origami styled animal badges were created.