Internet Culture

As a project based on social commentary, Internet Culture was a collection of work based on the themes of social media and how we are affected by them now. In producing the designs, typography and illustrations for this project, many of them were hand rendered and then put together in a zine. 

Typography Posters

Throughout the creation of this project, a poster series was created too that focused on the aspects of the Internet that people should make more noticed of. Within this collection, each poster design typography was drawn/painted by hand as I felt it would be hypocritical to download and use a widely available font from the Internet. 

The Zine

The main outcome of this project was a zine that pulled together all the outcomes and areas explored throughout the investigation of the topic. 

Within the zine it featured pages of personal views on Internet Culture, opinions of those from the creative industries on Internet Culture and a combination of photographic and typographic designs to add visual context to the text.