I'm Lauren, an aspiring graphic designer, creative thinker and social media lover from Scotland. As a graphic designer, I love being able to solve problems through visuals and thinking up concepts. I also love incorporating mixed media into my process to create unique designs. I also run a creative adventure blog as well as being the creator of the Creative Bloggers group on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

In my work I like to pull inspirations from a variety of places including nature, culture and geometry. It's through this combination that allows me to explore visually interesting approaches.  I'm also an avid photography and try to use this in my work as well- either as references or pulling the photography into it. 

OhHay! started life as a blog and my "branding" as a designer 3 years ago. Through this time, I've developed who I am as a designer and been able to work on projects that really shout this. In 2013, I started selling illustrated calendars and over the coming year I started producing laser cut wooden jewellery as well. Now, OhHay! is still the brand I identify by and it's how I am known. The whole aspect of "OhHay" is a play on my name and and an old joke from when I was back in Secondary School where people would say "Oh Hey Lauren Hay!". 

If you'd like to get into touch to learn more or just fancy a chat, then head over to my Contact section where all my information is.